o n c e   u p o n   a   t i m e  . . .

It all began as a New Year’s resolution for 2013...


While most people plan to workout more, lose weight, or make more time for family and friends, my resolution was a little different. I wanted to learn to roll cigarettes by myself. After countless YouTube videos and desperate lessons from friends, plenty of cigarette papers and tobacco crumbs littered my kitchen floor – but still no rolled cigarettes lay on my table.


Some moves, a design degree and three years later, I finally mastered – thanks to my patient flatmate – the art of rolling cigarettes. They may not have looked pretty, but I don’t think I have to be a master at everything.


During this time, however, I noticed that I had a special talent for misplacing my things; I was constantly looking for my filters or my lighter. Both always seemed to escape me in a game of hide-and-seek. To always have everything on-hand, I needed a special organizer. And as an accessory designer, it became clear to me that I had to design something for all my smoking equipment. Thanks to some leather leftovers from my studies (and a little bit of patience) I developed the first tobacco pouch during a clock-and-dagger operation. And thus, the idea for freiRauch was born.

By the end of 2016, I decided to let the idea grow and I’m so grateful to be sharing my story with you now. I hope you stick around to not just follow but join me on this journey. You’ll find all new, funny and amazing moments at stories.


Thank you for your interest. I wish all of you amazing freiRauch-moments!


Your Alissa

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