f a c e   b e h i n d

I would like to take the time now to introduce myself. 


I’m Alissa Maria Sturm, the creative pilot behind freiRauch. At times, I’m a chaotic person, a travel lover, a sports maniac and a daydreamer but mostly, I am a creative mind.

My designs are characterized by my preference for clean and graphic lines. Sometimes, they include playful details but never overwhelmingly so. My design mantra is: “The details are not the details – they make the design.” -Charles Eames


To develop an idea and seeing it manifest into the physical has always fascinated me. In 2015, I graduate with a Degree in Accessory Design at the University of Pforzheim, Faculty of Design. I am also one of the first graduates “made in Germany”. 


I’ve always had the desire to start my own label; I’m glad that I took up this path in 2016.


Before embarking on this journey, I had the opportunity to work at different companies and gain great experience. I previously worked with Akris Accessories, which has an office next to Frankfurt. This was when I discovered my love for the city. I’m truly grateful to have had the privilege to work with – and learn from – some great designers.

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