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freiRauch – the fashion label for free thinkers.


freiRauch is a young German brand based in Frankfurt am Main. Inspired by the riverside city, the people I’ve met and the love for clean lines, I design minimalist and high-quality accessories for you – or every day favorites, as I like to call them. freiRauch represents a special brand of attitude for life that I would like to share with you. It’s the feeling of being free and real; to make decisions by and for ourselves; to have fun with friends and not taking everything too seriously – it’s about simply enjoying life.


As the brand name implies (freiRauch means “free smoke” in German), bags and pouches for smokers are available. With that in mind, my motto is: if we’re going to smoke, let’s do it with style!


Don’t worry if you don’t smoke – my amazing accessories are not only for smokers. The Classy is a multifunctional organizer that has space for all your essentials – your mobile phone, credit cards, passport and even your medicine. Whether you use it as a tobacco pouch or an organizer, the choice lies with you. After all, at freiRauch, we celebrate the freedom to choose.

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